Fried Chicken Recipes – Taste The Delicious and Crunchy

Fried chicken is not something to mess around with. There’s the hot oil, of course, but then there are the preferences. People have opinions about how to cook fried chicken: seasoned or straight up, spicy or comforting, deep or shallow fried, served hot or cold. However, there are several fried chicken recipes to prepare and have this flavorful dish. American South, Scottish immigrants were actually the first to introduce the concept of frying chicken in fat rather than boiling it like their English counterparts did. Today, everyone has an opinion on the best way to fry up chicken, from the spice profile to the gravy or no gravy at all and even the method of preparation. No matter how it’s made, most can agree that fried chicken is a delicious treat for any time of the year.


Different Preparation Methods from Around the World:

American South Delicious Fried Chicken Recipe: This classic dish is prepared by soaking wing, breast, thigh, and leg cuts in buttermilk, then coating them in flour mixed with cayenne, black pepper, and other spices. Finally, the chicken is fried with vegetable oil, traditionally in a cast iron skillet, and served up in grease resistant chicken buckets.

Nashville Fried Chicken: Not for the faint at heart, fried chicken was allegedly created when the girlfriend of Nashville resident Thornton Prince spitefully laced his fried chicken with extra hot peppers after he came home from a long night out. This variation of the fried favorite is breaded, skillet fried, slathered in cayenne paste and served on white bread with pickle chips.

Maryland Fried Chicken Recipe with White Gravy: This delicious fried chicken recipe is lightly coated in seasoned flour and fried until golden, and then topped with pan gravy. By covering the pan partway through frying, it helps the chicken cook evenly (a few minutes uncovered afterwards guarantees a crispy exterior). Simple white gravy made in the same skillet takes this fried chicken to a whole new level of indulgence.

The fact is you might even discover a new favorite and other regions may do it differently; but when chickens are fried in oil, it’s hard to go wrong.


5 Best Pound Cake Recipes the Internet Has To Offer

Many love the everyday indulgences of summertime get-togethers. When you are having an ornate decoration and towering layers of tried and true pound cakes, it adds an air of elegance. For your special occasion cakes these cakes also bring into the most traditional recipes featuring a more than sugar, flour and butter.

Get sweet inspirations from kitchen recipes dressed with creamy buttermilk, fresh citrus and rich cocoa. Given here is the list of 5 best pound cakes you can serve and bet served to make the most of your day.

  • Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

At first you need to preheat the oven up to 325 degree F (160 degrees C) flour and grease in a 10 inch tube pan. Thereafter in a large bowl with cream cheese and cream butter you need to add sugar and beat until fluffy smooth. Then you need to add eggs two at a time, which beats well with each addition adding flour all then mixing it. Finally pour in the tube pan.

  • Brown Sugar Pound Cake Recipe-

Preheat the oven to 360 degree and then flour and grease a 10 inch fluted tube pan. Add brown sugar and cream butter until fluffy and light. Thereafter add eggs and beat it well after one at a time addition. In another bowl, beat vanilla, salt, baking powder and whisk flour. Alternative to sour cream, you can add creamed mixture. After than transfer to pan then bake it for 55-65 min followed by 10 minutes cooling. For setting up a glaze, you can use butter and pecans in small saucepan. Then stir it over cake allowing drip down side before you start serving.

  • Lemon Pound Cake Recipe-

Mix well a proportion of 1 cup butter and sugar. Thereafter add eggs and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Then add baking powder, flour and salt to mixture with milk in the end. Bake it at 325 F in a greased loaf pan until it gets golden brown. Mix ¼ cup sugar and 1/3 cup lemon juice. Finally you can add sugar and drizzle lemon juice over top of the cake and use toothpick to make holes over cake before you serve warm or cool.

Preheat oven to 360 degrees. In one large bowl you can add Mccormick vanilla extract, beaten eggs, oil, sour cream, granulated sugar and shredded carrots. In a separate bowl sift together Mccormick ground nutmeg, McCormick ground cloves, McCormick ground cinnamon, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and flour. Thereafter add dry ingredients to whisk it with wet ingredients and add batter to a non stick sprayed pan for 45 min unti it comes out clean. Cool it for about 10 min then turn the cake to serve it fresh.


  • Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe-

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. cream together margarine or butter, sugar and shortening. Then add salt mixing batter, vanilla and eggs until it gets creamy and light. Add 1 cup baking powder and flour to mix it with egg butter. Stir until it combines and then continue it with milk and flour. Stir in cocoa and mix well placed in floured tube pan with floured baking parchment paper. Cool cake for 10 min and place it in a wire rack before you start serving.


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Best 5 Fried Chicken Trends in 2017

There are many sharable arguments as to where fried chicken is leading its way front. Keeping up with the statement you can hold on to your favorite iconic dish year after year. Taking out the culinary landscape this delicious, familiar and comfortable America’s food pie is twisting its play in a widening frame. Here are a few directions to speck the latest year’s ongoing variation.


The Chicken ‘n Waffle

Looking at the glowing effect of southern food, this soul food is actually an invention from north which is now shedding its combination worldwide. More than a piece of art, this is the ultimate food comfort that stages an array for chicken massive cooking combinations with thyme-studded waffle, gruyere, and ham describing an incredibly and healthy recipe.

Chicken-Sandwich Kingdom

Revealing the golden age, juicy, crunchy of the fried chicken sandwich you can have good reasons to admit its inspiration. Sticking to the genes and setting up well crafted sandwich, it helps to shed a best attractive featuring favor to many devotees. From its boneless approach, it gives a full chicken less fuss fit the pan fried chicken breasts and is well worth obsessing. The chain to boom the market covering its areas into all US location; this was a neat launch display. This extra flavor makes a healthy dose of spicy mayo.

Chicken Gets Local

Hatching your healthy local chicken is getting deeper. For a better solution that increases the provenance of local ingredients, people still loves to taste the flavor in restaurants. The stretch of fast food is making its wayward along the chicken baskets throwing a new millennial perfect cutting spot.

Honey Covered Nostalgia

From this sweet, cold, hot, savory embellishment the honey lacing and whipped butter taste is going to a sweet perfect condiment. Ride along the chicken baskets, honey which has low pH- higher acid will cut the fat of the oil crust. As you see honey rolling off the warm rivulets, the pebble surface of crispy legs renews your oldie idea.


The table is constructed for an honest eating. With this promise the shared has lot to serve the whole birds with group love of food, communal, family style under the spotlight. For a bit more shakes, gravies, butters, drizzles you can find the way satiating the demand. The classic perfectly crispy most shared fired recipe leaves you salivating.

Homemade Fast Food Items Your Guests Will Love in the Party

Is it your party night? What’s the main course for your guests? How you plan to please your guests? The success of your get-together relies on three things: Good Friends Gathering, Great Food, and Drinks on the House. No matter how choosy we sometimes get about our meals, most of us have a soft corner for fast food items. For some, it’s the hot, spicy and savory street fast food items whereas for others, it’s a large combo meal from the McDonald or KFC. Instead of picking up couple of party-friendly foods and quick snacks from these stores that are awesomely delicious but comes with high price tags, why not to prepare them at home and serve the guests.

Check out some of the fast food classics that you can prepare at home and surprise your guests.
•Chicken-Fil-A Sandwiches: There’s no better way to enjoy the Sunday party with hands on a Chicken-fil-A Sandwich. The crispy and moist chicken breast inside will take no time to bring the word ‘yummy’ in your mouth with first bite itself. Use of seasoned batter help adding the flavorful and crispy coating to the sandwich.

•Perfect Crispy and Thin French Fries: When you can’t get an opportunity to taste French fries at the McDonald, Pizza hut, KFC stores; just imagine how good and tasty it would become if prepared at home. A quick blanch in water with vinegar and salt helps the fries cook evenly and stay intact. Fry them once quickly and stick them in the freezer to keep them fluffy. One last dunk in the fryer and you will get the golden, savory, crispy fries.

•Fried Chicken: If you want to serve a remarkably simple dish to your guests, then fried chicken can be controversial. A shatteringly crisp crust is a hallmark of great fried chicken. Once the chicken pieces are perfectly coated, place them gently in hot oil and fry them until golden brown and gloriously crunchy structure achieved.

Besides these items, there are several other fast food items that can be prepared and served to your guests.

To know how to prepare fried chicken and/or other fast food items easily, check out and explore

A Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing Mouthwatering Insanely Delicious Fried Chicken

Though fried chicken is one of the American comfort foods, it is lovable to all at its best. You can add the variations of fried chicken into the hotly debated topic of discussion when it’s about serving the best to your guests. Simply follow the best fried chicken recipe preparation step-by-step guide shared here and quench the hungers of your guests every now and then. Literally, there’s nothing compares to that first bite of this crunchy, crispy, juicy coating and piping hot meat.

Call A Crowd-Pleasing Get-together Anytime You Want!

Preparing tasty and delicious crunchy fried chicken recipe and calling your nearest and dearest people for summertime get-together could be a crowd-pleasing moment of your life that adds an air of elegance to the special occasion. Here is everything you need to know for preparing the best fried chicken recipe and please your guests irrespective of occasion and time.

List of Ingredients You Require to Prepare the Best Fried Chicken Recipe

• Chicken (Quantity: as per your requirement)
• Salt and Pepper
• Oil
• Celery Salt
• Cayenne Pepper
• Garlic Powder
• Flour
• Buttermilk
Bit-By-Bit Process to Prepare the Best Fried Chicken

• Take the chicken pieces on a cutting board and cut them into appropriate pieces. Later, season the chicken pieces liberally with salt and pepper on all sides.
• After which, transfer the chicken pieces to a large bowl and mix buttermilk. Leave the mixture for at least 15mins. In the mean time, stir the flour with the seasonings. However, you can marinate the chicken in the buttermilk with garlic powder approximately for 1 to 2hrs if you are planning far enough in advance.
• Take 1 to 2 inches of oil in a container and heat it at moderate temperature. The more oil you take, the more consistent the temperature will be. If you take less oil, then it’ll fluctuate a little more and you may get dark spots.
• For making deep fried chicken, keep the temperature 3500F maintained till all the chicken pieces are cooked; then turn the heat down to get the perfect, beautiful, crisp crust.
• Dip the chicken pieces in the flour mixture and use your hands to make the mixture wrap in all sides of the chicken pieces. Shake off the excess flour and carefully place the chicken pieces in the container with heated oil.
• Repeat the process till all the chicken pieces are cooked and gets lightly browned
• Season the cooked chicken with a little more salt & pepper and start to serve
• Take sauce as per your requirement and serve the deep fried chicken to your guests.
Follow the detailed process mentioned here to prepare the best fried chicken recipe and serve your guests irrespective of occasions.