Homemade Fast Food Items Your Guests Will Love in the Party

Is it your party night? What’s the main course for your guests? How you plan to please your guests? The success of your get-together relies on three things: Good Friends Gathering, Great Food, and Drinks on the House. No matter how choosy we sometimes get about our meals, most of us have a soft corner for fast food items. For some, it’s the hot, spicy and savory street fast food items whereas for others, it’s a large combo meal from the McDonald or KFC. Instead of picking up couple of party-friendly foods and quick snacks from these stores that are awesomely delicious but comes with high price tags, why not to prepare them at home and serve the guests.

Check out some of the fast food classics that you can prepare at home and surprise your guests.
•Chicken-Fil-A Sandwiches: There’s no better way to enjoy the Sunday party with hands on a Chicken-fil-A Sandwich. The crispy and moist chicken breast inside will take no time to bring the word ‘yummy’ in your mouth with first bite itself. Use of seasoned batter help adding the flavorful and crispy coating to the sandwich.

•Perfect Crispy and Thin French Fries: When you can’t get an opportunity to taste French fries at the McDonald, Pizza hut, KFC stores; just imagine how good and tasty it would become if prepared at home. A quick blanch in water with vinegar and salt helps the fries cook evenly and stay intact. Fry them once quickly and stick them in the freezer to keep them fluffy. One last dunk in the fryer and you will get the golden, savory, crispy fries.

•Fried Chicken: If you want to serve a remarkably simple dish to your guests, then fried chicken can be controversial. A shatteringly crisp crust is a hallmark of great fried chicken. Once the chicken pieces are perfectly coated, place them gently in hot oil and fry them until golden brown and gloriously crunchy structure achieved.

Besides these items, there are several other fast food items that can be prepared and served to your guests.

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