Best 5 Fried Chicken Trends in 2017

There are many sharable arguments as to where fried chicken is leading its way front. Keeping up with the statement you can hold on to your favorite iconic dish year after year. Taking out the culinary landscape this delicious, familiar and comfortable America’s food pie is twisting its play in a widening frame. Here are a few directions to speck the latest year’s ongoing variation.


The Chicken ‘n Waffle

Looking at the glowing effect of southern food, this soul food is actually an invention from north which is now shedding its combination worldwide. More than a piece of art, this is the ultimate food comfort that stages an array for chicken massive cooking combinations with thyme-studded waffle, gruyere, and ham describing an incredibly and healthy recipe.

Chicken-Sandwich Kingdom

Revealing the golden age, juicy, crunchy of the fried chicken sandwich you can have good reasons to admit its inspiration. Sticking to the genes and setting up well crafted sandwich, it helps to shed a best attractive featuring favor to many devotees. From its boneless approach, it gives a full chicken less fuss fit the pan fried chicken breasts and is well worth obsessing. The chain to boom the market covering its areas into all US location; this was a neat launch display. This extra flavor makes a healthy dose of spicy mayo.

Chicken Gets Local

Hatching your healthy local chicken is getting deeper. For a better solution that increases the provenance of local ingredients, people still loves to taste the flavor in restaurants. The stretch of fast food is making its wayward along the chicken baskets throwing a new millennial perfect cutting spot.

Honey Covered Nostalgia

From this sweet, cold, hot, savory embellishment the honey lacing and whipped butter taste is going to a sweet perfect condiment. Ride along the chicken baskets, honey which has low pH- higher acid will cut the fat of the oil crust. As you see honey rolling off the warm rivulets, the pebble surface of crispy legs renews your oldie idea.


The table is constructed for an honest eating. With this promise the shared has lot to serve the whole birds with group love of food, communal, family style under the spotlight. For a bit more shakes, gravies, butters, drizzles you can find the way satiating the demand. The classic perfectly crispy most shared fired recipe leaves you salivating.


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